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Hi, I’m

Vivek Iyyani is the CEO and Founder of YOU Training & Development, a leading leadership training and development company that focuses on building better millennial leaders. As one of the top professional speakers and trainers in the world today, he is highly sought after as a millennial coach. He is the Author of “Empowering Millennials: 5 Step Sequence to design a life of Fun, Freedom and Fortune”

He has addressed more than 250,000 men and women each year on the subject of leadership, motivation and peak performance. He has given more than five thousand talks and seminars to give million people internationally in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Worldwide. The strategies that Vivek has shared in this book come from his vast experience in training and coaching his clients. Recognised as a Millennial expert, Vivek has also been regularly featured on regional media such as The Asian Entrepreneur, Vasantham Central and Magazines from the Singapore Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) and Singapore Indian Association (SINDA).

Vivek is an avid student and thought leader on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Management, Sales and Motivation. He brings a unique blend of humour, insight, information and inspiration to the multiple talks and seminars he conducts worldwide each year.

Vivek believes that each person has extraordinary untapped potential that he or she can learn to access and, in so doing, accomplish more in a few years than the average person does in a lifetime.

Vivek volunteers in his free time and serves as a consultant to several nonprofit organisations.

You can order or view the first chapter of Viveks latest book Empowering Millenials